Import, Export and Removal -in-Transit

- Consult on tariff, import and export clearing
- Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with Sars'Customs with regard to clearing of cargo
- Monitoring tariff determinations and rulings, aligning the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System
- Facilitate and mange applications for renewal of registrations and permits on behalf of importers and exporters
- Manage registrations and licensing of clients with the South African Bureau of Standards, International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC), Port Health, State Vet and other government agencies involved in the control of imports and exports
- Consult on customs valuation matters as well as refunds on finalised cases
- Consult on cargo examinations by government agencies and facilitate releases

Cargo Forwarding
Inbound and outbound

- Facilitate preparation of Bill of Lading and where necessary the F178 document
- Prepare Certificate of Origin following Rules of Origin and Trade Agreements
- Status reporting, landed costing and marine insurance
- Route identification
- Identify and appoint reliable and sound shipping and airlines
- Negotiate better shipping rates
- Cargo tracking and trace