The agency has availed its services to accept work from other shipping companies that have workload beyond their capacity on a consultancy basis. This includes amongst others; Clearing of goods through customs, follow-ups on stopped and detained cargo and alternative solutions.

Post-Clearance inspections -
Clients who are faced with audits by Customs on previous shipments are assisted at a reasonable fee. Clients will be guided through the process of sourcing all required documentation and thereby submitting to Customs.

Importer registration -
Importers getting into business for the first time are left to plan for their imports whilst SouthPole Freight does their registration and/or re-registration with customs and with other government bodies if need be e.g. the Department of Trade and Industry’s International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC), South African Bureau of Standards, and other bodies depending on the nature of goods to be imported. In short, importers obtain permits, certificates and licenses through such registrations.

Expert representation -
Where problems arise and authorities need answers from importers, in most cases an importer will not be in a position to present all answers and that is when the services of an expert provided by SouthPole Freight will be of value. Experts will assist importers during dispute resolution forums with the authorities.

Tariff classification -
This service is available to clients who have all done for themselves but need only assistance in respect of tariff classification.

Expert advice -
The service is available to clients that need to be equipped with the necessary procedures so to ensure smooth movement of their goods. Advice is given in respect of the rules and legislation pertaining to import and export of goods.