Our Vision
Globally competitive shipping and supply chain management at your service.
Our Mission
We provide our customers with the expertise to realise and exceed their own expectations. We will create an environment that ensures that our clients attain and maintain a consistent competitive edge.
Our values
We will strive towards empowering people through the use of our values of empowerment, transparency and innovation.

Pangea Logistics began its operations in the year 2007 as a import and export clearance organization and transporter in the logistics industry, providing services to various, international traders, organizations and the general public. Even though the company was new the directors and management brought many years of experience within the industry. Due to Pangea Logistics' reliability and its constant delivery of the great service coupled with its emphasis on going an extra mile for its customers, it has grown to be a fully-fledged shipping and logistics company thereby increasing its market share. Increasingly the market is shifted from import to export and Pangea has a depth in experience export commodities and meat in particular.

Today in its 10 year anniversary, the organisation provides full clearing and forwarding services, supply chain solutions, transport co-ordination and general logistics services across both ambient and cold chain products. Real creditability in this industry takes time-Pangea has worked hard and today we have it!


Anna Tang Allman (Managing Director) -
Anna holds Bachelor of Commerce Degree and has served as Pangea Logistics CEO since company inception Management. She is well known in the South African Chinese community as a creditable and diligent business woman. She travels extensively to China and the USA for business. She is the founded and current Chairman of the Chongqing South Africa Association. And in addition a since 2003 is a founded partner for the South Africa- China Association for Commerce and culture.

Spencer Allman (Consulting Director)
Spencer holds an MBA in Supply Chain Management from USA and is a former World Wide manager for BOC GROUP in the UK. He has extensive business experience in the USA, China and South Africa. And in addition a since 2003 is a founded partner for the South Africa- China Association for Commerce and culture

Leo Tung (Operations Manager) –
Leo manages the day-to-day operations and has many years experience in execution and problem solving in South African clearing and forwarding environments. He has years of get-it -done problem solving within most all of the South Africa governmental institutions that facilitate final approvals and clearance.



Services Offered

Air Freight
Sea Freight Land transport
- Health & pharmarceutical products
- Auto parts, etc
- Electronic products
- Less than Container Load (LCL)
- Groupages
- Hazardous goods transport
- Long haul and cartage
- Local Air Freight Deliveries
- Mini Loads Transport
- Container movement